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Hi, I’m B.J.!

I help parents learn how to use a heart-based approach to parenting to empower their children with the skills they need to not simply change behaviors but to also change their hearts.

Jesus chose YOU to be your child's parent. YOU are part of His good plan for your child's life, and He wants to use YOU to lead your child towards following Him.

Yet so often as parents we get so busy managing and correcting our child's misbehavior that we neglect to look at the root causes for that behavior found in our child's heart.

A heart-based approach to parenting refocuses our attention as parents to where Jesus's attention is: on our child's heart.

When you work with me, I will teach you the biblically-based tools and strategies you need as a parent to design flexible, practical parenting solutions that address the specific problems and challenges your child and family are facing now.

As a husband and father, my wife and I have used a heart-based approach with all 8 of our children no matter what stage of development, whether or not they had special needs, and whether or not they were biological or adopted children. As an elementary educator and certified biblical parenting coach, presenter, and digital course creator, I've worked with many families and seen how Jesus brings lasting change in kids and families when parents focus on the heart.​

If you need a fresh perspective, relevant strategies, and a chance to hope again, then let's get started with a parent coaching session today.

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